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LES Tattoos is a female owned and operated private tattoo studio located in midtown Sacramento, CA. We are here to provide a judgement free environment full of professionalism and friendliness. We continue to have consideration for our clients and seek to establish a space where all people are welcome to feel safe, vulnerable, and are guaranteed to enjoy their tattoo experience.

*We are up to date on all new COVID-19 protocol and guidelines. You can expect us to ensure your health and safety as you spend your time in our studio.




Mari (she/her)

My name is Maricelia. I am a local artist, born and raised here in Sacramento. I specialize in line work and pepper shading. I also enjoy dabbling in creative color work by mixing it with my own style. I want to provide a safe space by continuing to meet and connect with my community. I want to provide a protected and judge free environment for whoever decides to take a seat and get beautiful tattoos created by yours truly.

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Chy (she/her)

I'm Chy, a Sacramento resident and a proud female tattooist. I have lived many places but I grew up north of Sacramento in Redding, Ca. Tattooing has always drawn my attention and I have 4 years experience as a professional tattoo artist. I specialize in a bundle of styles, but most commonly I am known for my floral work, stipple shading, black work, dot work, and sometimes you will see me do color work. Tattooing is my back bone, it’s all I’ve ever really been good at. I put time and detail into each piece. My goal as an artist is to spread love and self awareness. I hope that people can experience something outside of their norm and develop a sense of new found confidence.



Holly (she/her)

The woman behind the blade
I’m Holly and I’m a self proclaimed badass. Which is why I always knew I would thrive in a tattoo shop versus a more traditional salon. I have always been creative, but eyebrows have become my favorite form of art. I adore seeing the delight in people when I give them amazing brows, knowing they didn’t think it was possible to love their eyebrows so hard. I’ve been a licensed Esthetician since 2014, and specialized in brows since 2016. I trained with Beauty Angels Academy in 2019, learned the basics and now combine that with my own years of knowledge to create a style that screams Holly. Where other people would shy away from making a true brow change, I am up for the challenge. I have learned how to balance out brows to suit your perfectly unique face and I don’t stop until I’m absolutely thrilled with how they look. When I dance you’ll know I did my best and your new brows are fire.
Brows are life.
You are beautiful.

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Gen (she/her)

My name is Gen Romo and I am a tattooer and multi-media artist in Sacramento, California. I am currently tattooing at Les Tattoos in midtown.
I am a first year tattooer, my apprenticeship started in 2018 and I started tattooing September of 2019.
I have a 10 year background in participating in artshows and also used to teach small art classes early in my art career. I specialize in Color Illustration, American Traditonal, and also Blackwork. I wanted to be a tattoo artist so that I can collaborate with you and to help create your vision. Being personable, professional and constantly improving on my craft, is very important to me. I strive to not only for you to get a design that you get inspired by but I want to strive to make sure you're having a fun and comfortable experience every time we work together.

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      Jayc (she/her)

My name is Jayc (pronounced jay-see) and I am a professional tattoo artist in Sacramento, Ca. I specialize in blackwork, ornamental/symmetrical/geometrical work, florals, and neotraditional. I have been tattooing since 2015, and have done artwork for as long as I can remember. I have a huge passion for tattooing and I feel honored everyday to be trusted by my clients and to help them tell their story!



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