LES Tattoos is here to provide a judgement free environment full of professionalism and friendliness. We continue to have consideration for our clients and seek to establish a space where all people are welcome to feel safe, vulnerable, and are guaranteed to enjoy their tattoo experience.

Sacramento, CA

Maricelia (Mari)

My name is Maricelia Dominguez. I am a local artist -  born and raised here in Sacramento. I specialize in Line Work and Pepper Shading. I also enjoy dabbling into creative color work mixed with my own style. I want to provide a safe space and continue to meet and connect with the community. I want to provide a protected and judge free environment for whoever decides to take a seat and get beautiful tattoos done by yours truly.

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Chyna (Chy)

I am 26 years old, and a proud female tattooist. I have lived many places but I grew up north of Sacramento in Redding, Ca. Tattooing has always drawn my attention and I have 3 years as a professional tattoo artist. I specialize in a bundle of styles, but most commonly I am known for my floral work, stipple shading, dot work and sometimes you will see me do color work. Tattooing is my back bone, it’s all I’ve ever really been good at. I put time and detail into each piece. My goal as an artist is to spread love and self awareness. I hope that people can experience something outside of their norm and develop a sense of new found confidence.




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